Dehumidifier for Basement- Things you should consider


dehumodifier for basement
dehumodifier for basement

What’s a basement dehumidifier?

The answer to this question is not quite as interesting or exciting as you think it may be. A basement dehumidifier is merely a normal standalone mobile dehumidifier but one that comes equipped with specific features and functionality in order for it to have the ability to operate better in a basement. That is not to say that a basement dehumidifier is only going to have the ability to work effectively in a cellar. The converse of this statement is not true, however. Many dehumidifiers that work great above ground are ill equipped to have the ability to take care of environmental factors unique to a cellar, most notably colder temperatures.

Before we get to specific model recommendations we wish to first and foremost make certain that you truly need a dehumidifier to your cellar to start with. We suggest that you discuss this list (and the paragraphs which follow) slowly and carefully. If your cellar is filled with any one or more than one of these symptoms there is a really good chance you actually do need a dehumidifier for your cellar.

A quantified humidity level greater than 50 to 55 percent — The simplest and most surefire way to know for sure whether your cellar suffers from higher than normal humidity levels is to buy a hygrometer and quantify your cellar’s humidity levels for yourself. If the hygrometer reads humidity levels in your cellar to be higher than 50 to 55% then you will know for sure that your basement’s more humid than it ought to be.

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A tangibly damp feeling

If you your cellar feels moist in your skin then humidity levels in your cellar are probably higher than they ought to be.

If your basement has a musty odor, odds are it is more humid than it ought to be. A musty basement odor can indicate an assortment of different issues including the growth of mould and/or mould, or even rust. Odors emitted from routine daily household activities have a tendency to linger in high humidity and might also be the reason for your basement using a musty odor, assuming of course that you execute routine household activities in your cellar. No matter cause, your cellar with an odor is a strong sign of greater than acceptable humidity levels.

Condensation on cold surfaces

A fantastic illustration of this symptom is the basement windows fogging up — your cellar’s humidity levels might be greater than they should be if this happens frequently.

Visible rot and rust

Rot can manifest itself in an assortment of different ways. Wood infected with white rot has a slightly thinner than ordinary color. Brown rust makes the contaminated wood brown in color. Other kinds of rust can create the infected wood look blue, black, or gray in color. Aside from change in color, a change in timber construction may also indicate the presence of corrosion. Wood infected with soft rot looks soft and profusely cracked. Any sort of rot is a powerful sign that moisture levels in the region are much higher than they ought to be.

Peeling or cracking paint

Peeling, blistering, or cracking paint on walls, floors, and other painted surfaces may also be a sign of greater than normal humidity levels in your cellar.

Do I Need One?

If you have noticed any of these signs or symptoms of high humidity in your basement you will need to immediately do it. Letting the issue linger will only result in more damage over time.

But, take note that solving any one of the above humidity problems may require more than simply operating a dehumidifier. You might have to reinstall or install a lost or badly installed air-vapor barrier. There might be a plumbing leak or your cellar might be badly ventilated (perhaps the toilet in your basement may require an extractor fan installed).

If you any such problems have been corrected and your cellar still suffers from high humidity, then buying a dehumidifier is the next logical step to dramatically reduce humidity levels and help prevent damage caused by the humidity.

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